Each one of us is aware of the old saying, “man is a social animal”. And, being social comes with the responsibility of participating in public gatherings, sharing sad and happy moments and of course, discussions. If on one end, there are formal events like business conferences then on the flip side, there are special occasions that are more personal.

Be it brother’s wedding or graduation day party, every important occasion has its own set of rituals and ceremonies. One such tradition that has the ability to breathe life into any occasion and turn it livelier is a heartfelt speech by the near and dear ones. Those few words about the person you are toasting are actually meant to be striking, unique and beautiful.

Special Occasion With A Witty Speech

Adding to it, uniqueness comes in a speech when it has been delivered with an original script and humorous punch lines from real life incidents. No doubt, one must always add humor in proportion but, there are certain tips and hacks that can be your savior in presenting a witty speech on special occasions.

  • When it comes to events like eulogy, speeches for paying tribute, or commemorating the sad moments amidst a group of friends and family; you need to keep the decorum of occasion in mind. You will obviously quote reality but it should be consoling, not devastating.
  • As for lively and beautiful occasions (like weddings, dinners, birthdays, etc), you can go for a casual speech without any stress. Quote funny moments of your togetherness and how the person you are raising toast to, completes your life. But, in the hurry of earning the interest and accolades of your listeners, do not go wrong by hurting anybody’s sentiments.
  • Another category is inclusive of- acceptance speeches, introduction speeches, retirement and promotional ones. These are slightly different with a mix of both formal and casual expressions. In such speeches, you can quote how your journey so far has been a roller coaster ride, thank the people behind your accomplishments and add a few witty statements depending upon the mood of your audience.

The above stated points were just a specimen of how to frame an appealing speech for your important day. On the contrary, a speech is all about gracing that moment with your humble words. More than anything else, it’s a gesture. Thus, it is not mandatory for you to follow a prescribed format of introduction, followed by body gestures and conclusion every time.

All you need to do is to believe in your words and give your speech the best shot possible.