If you are a presenter who is using PowerPoint for  brand promotion than you need to understand that it is the performance that will lead you towards success and not the slide show. So it is very much important to keep your audience engaged to your seminar with your effective content.

An effective presentation must contain interesting element in it to keep its audience stick to their chairs. It must have the potential to make people curious about what exciting is coming next. So here are Some Do’s and Don’ts while Planning Content for PowerPoint which will really help you in creating good impression over your audience.

Let’s discuss some of the do’s first:

  • Keep your main focus on the subject.  Make two or three main points before writing the content of your presentation. It should be accurate  and understandable
  • Make the right design selection for your slide. It should be in a way that the color of the text stands out against the background color. This will make your content easily readable
  • Organize your content well. The correct sequence of your slides will have great impression on your audience.  Include questionnaires and games to make it more interesting
  • Add visuals like diagrams and pictures to your slide material. In this way you can easily convey your message to your audience. A visually appealing graphic can gain more audience interest in comparison to those lengthy explanations.
  • Use bullets to highlight your important points which will force the audience to listen to you while you elaborate them, in a way creating interest and inquisitiveness among the people
  • Give a proper heading to every slide. By doing this you will save lot of time as it will brief your audience about what is next to come
  • Use an apposite font size. An appropriate font size will make your content easily visible and readable

So these were some of the key points which can make your content interesting and understandable for the people.

Now here is the list of some don’ts which must be kept in mind before giving a PowerPoint presentation:

  • Avoid adding second topic to your slide even if it contains less information
  • Your slide should not contain every word you are saying
  • Don’t use lengthy sentences or paragraphs as it will confuse your audience and will make it boring
  • Leave unnecessary punctuations, articles, adjectives and pronouns while adding content to your slide. This will make your audience to focus more on what you are explaining rather than on words on the screen

Just keep these tips in your mind and give an effective presentation which is not only interesting but also influencing.

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