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Best Sites For Creating Infographics

Many newbies find it confusing to create infographics as most people aren’t equipped with the skills to create elaborate illustrations using PhotoShop or CorelDraw. Even if they could, it can take hours of work and even then the final product can be less than adequate as one might lack the skills to gloss up the […]

Quickly Create Online Charts By Entering Data Using Chart Creator

Graphical representation of data is an integral part of our socio-economic setup. Be it poll results or the annual sales chart, representing complex data is easier in the form of graphs and charts. There are a number of ways that one can represent the same set of data. One can use pie charts, bar graphs, […]

Are Visual Aids Helpful in Drawing The Attention Of Your Audience?

It takes a lot of courage to stand center stage with hundreds of eyes focused on you and pleasing an audience under such circumstances can be one intimidating task! One effective tool to keep them keen on what is being said is to support those words with visual aids.

5 Tips To Give A Good Visual Presentation Of Data

Presenting the sales scenario of your company or any other vital graphs and data, requires not only a verbally convincing tone, but also appropriate strategy for displaying your ideas. Most presenters confuse it with the standard way of demonstrating their ideas. There is a considerable difference in the manner of Presentation of Data, than the […]

How To Present Good Presentations With Visual Aids?

In order to create effective PowerPoint Presentations, good public speaking skills coupled with the use of visual aids works hand in hand. Your stage presence and speaking style are personal talents that you may simply refine with much experience and practice. On the other hand, one cannot ignore the importance of visual aids and so […]

Significance Of Oral Presentations

Effective Oral Presentation skills are quite important in one’s professional, social and educational life. Making efficient Oral Presentations is a talent that takes a certain theatrical style to pull off effectively. Whether you are trying to persuade your listeners or explaining a concept, you need to be audible, organized and clear. Moreover, the tools and […]

Some Do’s and Don’ts while Planning Content for PowerPoint

If you are a presenter who is using PowerPoint for  brand promotion than you need to understand that it is the performance that will lead you towards success and not the slide show. So it is very much important to keep your audience engaged to your seminar with your effective content. An effective presentation must […]

Importance of Visual Aids in Presentation

In order to tone up your Presentation skills, no one can deny the significance of visual aids which you demonstrate your audience to assist them in getting understanding about your Oral presentation.  Only, the most efficient presenters use visuals when the information is new or it’s highly technical. Undoubtedly, when your audience can both see […]

How to Show the Ruler in PowerPoint 2010

The ruler in PowerPoint as well as any other presentation or image editing software can be a useful tool when you need perfect pixel alignment. PowerPoint has a ruler setting that will display a basic but useful ruler in the screen. You can easily configure PowerPoint 2010 to show the ruler during slide edit mode by […]