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Learn how to present ideas using Microsoft PowerPoint with awesome free diagrams and templates for idea  presentations including light bulb designs and slide designs that can be used by entrepreneur to make presentations and pitch a VC online.

Animated Idea Infographics PowerPoint Template

Presenting your bright ideas without making them look dull and boring isn’t all that easy. This is why you might want to present your ideas using infographics, diagrams and flowcharts to make things easier for your audience to grasp. Animated Idea Infographics PowerPoint Template gives editable idea themed slides that can help you present your ideas […]

Animated PowerPoint Template for Futuristic Presentations

Some presentations require a futuristic touch to help set the tone for unexpected ideas to be presented before an audience. The Animated PowerPoint Template for Futuristic Presentations that we have for you is a slide deck with animated slides and a futuristic design that can help you impress your audience.

Animated Business Idea PowerPoint Template

An idea can be best represented using a light bulb symbol. Especially, the good old energy hogging incandescent light bulb! We previously brought you the Animated Idea Light Bulb PowerPoint Template which perfectly uses the idea theme to deliver a presentation template suitable for revealing your ideas.

Idea PowerPoint Template With Clock Animations

You might have heard of Victor Hugo’s quote bout nothing being more powerful than an idea whose time has come.  Time for Your Ideas is perhaps a template inspired by the same notion.

Animated Idea Think Tank PowerPoint Template

The light bulb is symbolic for a bright idea or the instance of coming up with a solution. Sometimes when presenting a new idea before investors or senior management using this symbolism can help better visually present your perspective. Previously, we covered the Idea Cloud PowerPoint Template, this time we have another animated idea themed […]

Animated Mind Map Template For PowerPoint

Mind mapping can be done using a variety of tools, ranging from web apps like Gliffy to mobile apps like Corkulous and Doodlecast. In a previous post we explained the various benefits of making mind maps in PowerPoint; this time we will provide you with a review of a very handy animated template which can […]

Animated Idea Light Bulb PowerPoint Template

A bright idea is best expressed with a glowing light bulb and what better way to demonstrate your ideas before an audience than to use an animated template with light bulb animations. The Idea Clouds Template for PowerPoint is an animated presentation template which can be used for brainstorming sessions, presenting your business idea, educational […]

Sell An Idea: Get That Pitch Right!

An entrepreneur, a writer, a manager, no matter what field of work you are in you will always need to sell. Even in the general everyday aspect of life it is extremely vital that a man sells an idea in order to convince someone to buy it. Despite having a large number of ideas that […]

Best Animated Idea Presentation Templates for PowerPoint

Doesn’t matter if you have switched to the more energy efficient CFL bulbs! Because the icon for an idea is still the good old incandescent light bulb. If you want to present your bright idea with a touch of novelty and class, then check out the following ‘idea’ themed animated presentation templates for PowerPoint.

6 Creative Ways Of Using PowerPoint You Did Not Know About

The word PowerPoint immediately leads one to picture presentations, however, that’s not all this app is good for. PowerPoint is quite a powerful app and despite the fact it is designed primarily for presentations, there are many other ways that PowerPoint can make your life easy. Below is a list of 6 creative ways of […]

Create Powerful Mind Maps And Share Ideas With Corkulous For iPad

Corkulous is a powerful mind mapping app for iOS which provides some extraordinary features to help you collect, organize and share your ideas. The app is not limited in scope and you can use it for a variety of purposes, be it collection of ideas for a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, a meeting, a school […]

Ice-breaking Techniques at Workplace

In today’s educational and collaborative business world, ice breakers can be very effective and helpful in allowing teams to bond and get to know each other well. If you are welcoming a group of new employees, it is quite important to help them to get comfortable with interactive icebreaker games. Undoubtedly, Ice Breaking Techniques at […]