During the PowerPoint Presentation, audiences tend to doze off. It is just a natural reaction since people are directed by needs, they look at you giving a presentation and then think. Is it dangerous? If they do not get the answers of their questions, they subsequently lose interest. Thus, it is the presenter only who can help audience stay awake and if not then there is no point in making a presentation.

Make Your Presentation Feel Like A Conversation

A very good way to make your presentation feel like a conversation is to keep the audience interested. In order to engage the audience in your presentation, you can craft the speech as a story that you want to tell  people. If you are your own self, your presentation will be much more sincere and indeed the audience will love it. However, this is just not the only way of making your presentation a conversation. There are some more tips as well:

  • If you are using PowerPoint in your presentation then use it wisely. No doubt, the software makes it easier for people to remember the points you have elaborated in your speech. However, it is recommended to not run the slides that comprise of words you are saying aloud. Rather use images to support what you are conveying to the audience.
  • At the beginning of your presentation, you need to encourage people to ask you the questions. Further on, all through the presentation presenter has to ask questions to the audience to ensure they understand the material. Certainly, your presentation will be more like a guided conversation for the audience.
  • If you are going to talk about some technical topic to a non-technical audience then it is best to keep it simple. If your listeners are more interested in the return on investment of a particular technology then don’t waste your precious time discussing about its inner workings as it does not match to the audience needs.
  • Do not ever think that if your voice is well modulated and smooth, that’s all matters in a presentation. Thus, it makes sense videotape yourself before the presentation.
  • To be professional, you don’t have to keep your voice regulated with the vocal rhythm. Although, there is nothing wrong with a little over-gesturing since it shows your passion, but keep it to a medium level.

To come up with the best combination for each presentation, it takes practice and time. Therefore, if you want to deliver an interesting presentation, then think outside the box and make it seem like a conversation for a positive response from the audience.