5 Ideas To Write An Introductory Speech

How to start a speech? Writing an introductory speech is far more difficult than presenting your thoughts orally. That is why good speakers find it painful to pen down their speeches.  It is because their actual thoughts and ideas bear only little resemblance to what they are writing. As a result they fail to convey the exact message to their target audience.

If speech structure is the only problem with the speakers than there is a solution with which they can make their PowerPoint presentation simple, catchy and valuable. They just need to include 5 elements in their opening speech. These five steps below will not only keep your listeners engaged but will also present you as a good speaker. As any other speech, starting your speech with an introduction is a must.

1. Use Quotes in the Introductory Speech

Open your speech with some quote, short story or some statistics. You can even start with a question. All these things will help you in catching your audience’s attention. Starting it with some real life example in the speech introduction is a good way to keep your listeners’ fully engaged.

2. Connect with your Audience

Try to make a connection with your audience. Use ‘you’ or ‘we’ while delivering a speech. This will motivate your listeners and will make them think that you really care for them. Connect the topic with them and their lives by making it more interesting.

3. Tell a Story, provide Relevant Examples

Don’t start your topic right away. Begin with some relevant examples. Landing into the topic directly will make your presentation boring. Always begin with some related examples first and then bind up your speech’s topic in just two or three lines.

4. Keep it Simple

Always present the main idea of your speech in one sentence only but it must be done in such a way that the theme and angle of your presentation is clear. If you are not satisfied with your introductory sentence then you can rephrase it with an AI tool to make it simpler and express your idea in a better way. This is important because it is the thesis step on which your whole seminar depends.

5. Convey the Message of your Introductory Speech

This is the last step of your introductory speech writing where you must go through what actually your speech body contains.  Simply check out what all is there which you want to convey and arrange them in proper order. This will indicate a well structured speech.

Follow these easy steps and make your speech interesting for your listeners.