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Why You Should Deliver A Speech And Not Read It

To have gone through all the crazed research writing about a topic you would rather read out your paper than present and deliver it to a room full of strangers and acquaintances. Like the writing part wasn’t hard enough!

Giving A Comical Introductory Speech

An introduction is perhaps one of the most important things! You wouldn’t start talking to a stranger without introducing yourself properly, would you? That’s why every speech is incomplete without a proper introductory speech.

Delivering An Amazing Bar And Bat Mitzvah Speech

The Jewish traditions are a beautiful blend of many meaningful rituals. This culture involves many a humanitarian activities by its followers as a means to show their gratitude for all that they are blessed with in life. This tradition celebrates the little joys of life to truly celebrate life itself. One such celebration is Bar […]

What Are The 5 Different Types Of Ceremonial Speeches?

Public speaking, for most people this invokes a feeling of terror like nothing ever could but it shouldn’t. Every day we interact with a lot of different people but somehow when presented with an opportunity to speak in public or address a group of people, it terrifies us.

5 Steps To Write An Introductory Speech

Writing an introductory speech is far more difficult than presenting your thoughts orally. That is why good speakers find it painful to pen down their speeches.  It is because their actual thoughts and ideas bear only little resemblance to what they are writing. As a result they fail to convey the exact message to their […]

Some Interesting Birthday And Wedding Speeches

Birthdays and weddings hold an important place in everybody’s life. These are those special occasions where you are surrounded by your near and dear ones and if at such celebrating times somebody decides to deliver a speech, the atmosphere certainly becomes more interesting and enjoyable. Delivery of some interesting Birthday and Wedding Speeches can change […]

Preparing a Good Introductory Speech before a Presentation

When you have planned, structured, organized and created a presentation, there is something else that you have to concoct and blend, as the garnishing to your platter. In the words of the famous author O.Henry, it can be put as, “Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.”In this scenario it […]