For most presenters who are yet to become pros, the inability to coordinate their speech with the slides is quite prevalent. In most cases, you end up speaking everything on your mind in the first few slides and then there is hardly anything left to enunciate upon; as a result you read from the slides which make your mistake evident to the audience. Below are a few tips to help you coordinate your speech with the slides.

Coordinate Your Speech With Your Slides

Divide Your Ideas According To Your Slides

In order to avoid blurring about what you want to speak; it is better to divide your ideas clearly according to the content on each slide. Beginning with the introduction of the topic, if you are clear with the exact speech for every slide, there will be no discomfiture. However, to avoid yourself from sounding to robotic, prepare yourself for improvisations according to the situation.

Practice More And Practice Hard

This might sound like the most commonly repeated idea; but it is the most effective one too. The convention of this habit is that, you get well-acquainted with your topic as well as improve your enunciation skills. And as you progress, you will gain spontaneity too.

Speak Slowly And Clearly

This is very important! Most people in their flurry and apprehensiveness end up speaking too fast for others to comprehend and finish their speech before the presentation. The above mentioned tip for practicing will help you talk more clearly and calmly; so that words flow out in rhythm rather than confusion.

Introduce More Slides

It is better to divide your ideas into sub-topics and integrate more slides. You can keep changing them and your listeners will also not get bored of a long speech. This also helps in maintaining coordination between your words and slides.

It is not always possible neither is it necessary to keep your ideas short and simple. You must extend and present them in different slides; the best way is by creating sub-topics under them. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to speak in a more synchronized manner.

If you have been audience to keynote speakers, you will be able to notice the flawless coordination they have with the slideshow. One of the major reasons being that they take the situation with ease and educate themselves thoroughly on the topic. When you will have turned all the pages of the book, the harmonizing effect will come to you as well.