Are you nuts?! I can’t rehearse and then give a speech and you are talking a speech contest! That would be anyone’s reaction when it comes to giving a speech but a speech contest is on a whole new level. An average Joe was once asked to participate in a speech but in his words “Speech contest? Over my dead body” That pretty much sums up everyone’s reaction to it!

But if you are looking to become a better public speaker then impromptu speeches can do wonders to help you improve! Plus they aid in boosting one’s confidence too. Normally people’s perception about notable speakers is that they somehow have ‘it’ inside them, like they were born with it. But the truth is that they took time out of their busy schedules to hone their speaking skills and that’s how they became better and better at speaking.

hat speech contest

And you can too! Because all what it takes is a bit of practice on your part. They say the first step is the most difficult and if you can overcome your fear and take this first step, the journey is practically going to be smooth sailing. So in this case the first step is going to be speaking in front of people. This is why hat-speech contests are a good way to become better at speaking. You don’t even need to do this in front of strangers! Just gather your family and friends, make some random chits about some interesting topics and start passing the hat around!

This exercise would definitely help in boosting your confidence and would help you become a better speaker too! Because as you keep on repeating this, you would want to get to know more about different topics and this will make you read about more stuff and enhance your knowledge.

Great orators of this century and the past constantly kept on reading about different stuff in a quest to increase their knowledge. This led to them incorporating this knowledge in their various writings and speeches. And the more you read about stuff, the more you can incorporate that into your writing.

So the answer to the question that can hat-speeches help you become a better speaker is that they definitely can! Because they help you become more confident and help you face your audience with a positive attitude.