A speech has to be the most striking that can bind your listeners. It must make the audience to concentrate only on your presentation. A fine presentation or speech must begin with a good introduction and it must incorporate the characteristics to attract the attention of your audience. It should comprise of the core message and topic of your presentation and a brief overview on what you are going to speak.

best possible ways to start a speech


Here are some of the best possible ways to begin a speech:

A Question

This technique has never seemed to fail. It is always appropriate to start your speech or presentation with a good question but it must be relevant to the topic. A question will help you grabbing the attention of your audience. Moreover, it also assists your spectators to engage them mentally and they will look forward to get an appropriate answer of your question.

Tell a Story

This method also works to be the best to start a good presentation. The speaker must prepare a good and interesting story that must be related to your speech or presentation. Make sure that the story must be a “SHORT STORY” and should not be boring.

A Quotation

You can also start your speech with a nice and interesting quotation relevant to your presentation. Always take care that you should not overuse anything. A famous quote always helps your speech to acquire more attention of your listeners.



It has also been proven that starting off your presentation with a dramatic opening works great. It can be in the form of an amplified sound, a short film, music, images or any action or activity. The viewers can’t and won’t ignore it at all.

These were some of the best possible ways to begin a good speech. Moreover, these ways have been tried and proven to be great for majority of speakers and they had delivered a successful speech to their targeted audience using such speech opening techniques.