One of the best mediums for presentations are “Webinars”, which are quickly replacing conventional conferences and seminars. It is a perfect method for conducting training sessions, presentations and meetings online. In today’s busy world, the popularity of this online presentation format has increased considerably. Since, more and more people get a chance to attend the presentation and the best part is they don’t have to travel.

Webinar Presentations

What is a Webinar Presentation?

Webinars offer various benefits for large businesses, investors and employers. There are different types of webinar presentations such as: Mentoring and Training Courses, Keynote or PowerPoint presentation sessions for employees, customers or students and the like. Below are some tips and advantages of conducting webinar presentations:


When you are running a business, using a webinar service can have the potential to reach wider customer base, without even physically meeting them. By uploading all the content to the web, the managers with hectic schedule can easily finish projects and review latest policies. Thus, this sort of communication provides employees the luxury of interacting at the comfort of home. If you are looking for a small scale web app for conducting webinars, you might find Google Hangouts to be adequate (for up to 9 participants), however, webinars are usually large scale events, therefore, you might be better off using platforms like LiveWebinar, Yugma, Zentation, Meetingl or even a Live broadcast via YouTube.


The interactive aspect enables participants to stay connected with each other, even when they are not in the same region. So, it acts as a very useful tool in a situation where a group is working on a project together and thereby increases coordination and control.

Cost Structure

To view a webinar, participants can easily log on to the internet from any part of the world. Further on, it leads to decreasing the requirement to make costly photocopies of training forms, pamphlets and brochures. Therefore, as compared to having in person meetings, this is the most cost effective procedure that saves your travel expenses as well.


The best part about webinars that it provides information that can be retrieved and saved at a later stage. Participants can simply review the recorded sessions at their own comfort zone.

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If you are thinking of conducting a webinar presentation, then the above mentioned points and mentioned platforms should help you in conducting an effective event.