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How to Present Word Documents Online During Live Presentations

The Office Presentation Service enables presenters to broadcast Live PowerPoint slides via the Internet. The same service can also be used to present Word documents online during live presentations.

Best Live Streaming Platforms For Going Viral

Many presenters are famous for presenting Live presentations. Then there are people who simply like going viral by doing something out of the box by broadcasting it via the Internet. Here are a few of the Best Live Streaming Platforms for going viral that you can use to create a buzz online.

Best Enterprise Video Conferencing Services

Video conferencing has become cheaper and more affordable for businesses and freelancers than it was ever before. There are many free apps that can help you conduct audio and web conferencing with multiple users, with the ability to do anything from sharing your screen to presenting your PowerPoint slides remotely.

5 Easy Tips For Conducting Webinars

Almost every industry has started including webinars because of the effectiveness with which it delivers information and engages participants in various discussions. However, the wide usage of webinars, the question which usually arises is that how many of them are actually successful!

3 Significant Ways Of Promoting Your Business With PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is absolutely ideal to promote your business. This is because; as a business owner you have to advertise and provide lengthy explanations to customers. However, nowadays few people want to read wordy reports and so this is where PowerPoint can be highly useful for you to grab the attention of potential clients for […]

Present Live PowerPoint Presentations Online With Office Presentation Service

Office Presentation Service is a feature of Microsoft PowerPoint that can be used for sharing and presenting your presentations “Live” to global audience via the internet. Using this built-in options in PowerPoint 2013 you can display your presentation to other users by providing them with a direct link which will show your presentation real-time from […]

Benefits Of Conducting A Webinar Presentation

One of the best mediums for presentations are “Webinars“, which are quickly replacing conventional conferences and seminars. It is a perfect method for conducting training sessions, presentations and meetings online. In today’s busy world, the popularity of this online presentation format has increased considerably. Since, more and more people get a chance to attend the […]