It is said that your way of speaking can win millions of hearts. And, the saying goes extremely true in case of Ronald Reagan, who was entitled as “the great communicator”. But, have you ever given thought to what actually made his speeches a benchmark for other speakers.

And in that context, why is it that when we discuss popular speech ideas, the names of former US Presidents like Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln and Bill Clinton always come into picture. The truth is that all these incredible personalities spoke from their heart. They mastered the art of styling speeches in a way that the audience could relate with their ideology.

Public Speaking Styles Of Former US Presidents


If Sir Clinton was known for his good writing skills, then Lincoln’s speeches were a symbol of swaying away the audience with usage of striking words. Apart from this, there are certain other features that made their speeches stand apart.

For your reference, the following highlights their important traits:

Ronald Reagan

The fortieth US President was one of the greatest orators of his time and shared the vision of greatness of America, via his speeches.

What actually earned him the status as a great speaker was Reagan’s determination and willingness to educate his audience. He envisioned giving life to his ideas by using illustrations and arguments that could paint a picture in the mind of listeners.


Bill Clinton

The former American President was his own writer and never engaged the services of a professional. If historians are to be believed, there were certain rhetorical strategies that made his speeches an experience worth admiration.

He used to lay emphasis on contrasting statements, inclusive language (like we, us, etc) that focused on concrete explanations. When talking about heavy subjects, he always succeeded in retaining a balance between humor and seriousness. The beginning and ending was almost similar on all occasions, with prime focus on American people in the end.

Abraham Lincoln

Political life gave numerous opportunities to Abraham Lincoln for mastering the art of public speaking. The most noteworthy trait of his speech was body language. His facial movements played a pivotal role in helping him convey his ideas and feelings. Apart from this, he always kept his speeches short with a bit of humor. He had a compassion for whatever he spoke. That is why, he never faked any belief.

On the whole, a thorough analysis of public speaking styles of former US Presidents leads to three factors that need your consideration. These are:

  • Anaphor is the technique of laying emphasis on a specific idea so as to make it memorable.
  • Using a concrete language can improve the understandability, besides lending a customized appeal to your speech.
  • Gestures like hand movements and voice tones can play a detrimental factor in gauging the clarity of thought on part of speaker and his confidence level.

The next time you plan to deliver a speech, make sure it solves the purpose it is intended for. Take an idea from the points discussed above and prepare well to make your speech a cherished experience for your listeners.