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Find useful speeches for your presentations in PowerPoint or public speaking.

Presenting A Successful Military Speech

Delivering a speech is no easy task, for most of us fear public speaking. It is but understandable because it is a talent possessed only by a few. But that does not mean it has to remain this way. Yes, with thorough determination and practice this skill for influential public speaking can be developed by […]

An Analysis Of Public Speaking Styles Of Former US Presidents

It is said that your way of speaking can win millions of hearts. And, the saying goes extremely true in case of Ronald Reagan, who was entitled as “the great communicator”. But, have you ever given thought to what actually made his speeches a benchmark for other speakers.

7 Easy Steps To Prepare A Military Retirement Speech

Military retirements are the long-established occasions that are purposely organized to recognize people who dedicated their lives to the service of their nation. It gives retiree an opportunity to leave some lasting impression of his/her personality, with a memorable military retirement speech. Therefore, one will absolutely wish to present a speech that gets all the […]

Analyzing The Importance Of Closing Speech And Remarks

The closing of your presentation is the final step that plays an important role in its success. This is the part which the audience is most likely to remember, when they go home. Be it a commercial or educational presentation, analyzing the importance of closing speech and remarks is very crucial, as it serves two […]

Different Methods To Deliver A Persuasive Sales Speech

A sales pitch is may sometimes be nothing more than just a well-planned PowerPoint presentation of a product or service intended to start and close a sale. It is basically a brief introduction about the product that you are going to launch or a persuasive presentation to attract clients. Here are 5 different methods to […]

Comical Styles To Commence A Speech

Adding fun elements to your speech can help in improving your efficiency as a speaker. It is your speech only which will give you that required presentation success so it has to be powerful with an interesting opening.

Personality Attributes Of A Good Speaker

Most of you must know, presenting your idea or speech in front of audience needs great skills and obviously much more than just knowing what you are going to speak about. Therefore, it becomes important to learn various Personality Attributes of a Good Speaker. For the reason below we will be discussing about the vital […]

How To Make Closing Remarks For A Successful Presentation

Undoubtedly, the way you open your PowerPoint Presentation is essential. Having everyone focused on what you are about to convey and capturing winding minds may make the Presentation opening strong. However, at the same time one cannot ignore the importance of closing remarks as they have a major affect on how people look back on […]

Prompterous: Turn iPad Into A Scrolling Teleprompter For Presentations

If you have an important presentation or speech coming up, using a Teleprompter might be handy. Even Presidents use it! While some people like learning the speech by heart or making short paper notes for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, however such techniques can quickly fail in the wake of lengthy manuscripts. using a scrolling teleprompter […]