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Balanced Innovation Portfolio PowerPoint Template

This presentation template contains an illustration of a balanced innovation matrix showing the type of innovation and the degree of innovation, Radical, Substantial or Incremental. The balanced innovation portfolio PowerPoint template can be used to prepare presentations on innovations and projects launched by a company for the next year, as well as strategy plans or […]

Kübler-Ross Model PowerPoint Template

The Kübler-Ross model is a five stage model (also known as the five stages of grief) representing a series of emotions experienced by terminally ill patients prior to death, or people presented by the loss of a loved one, wherein the five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. This model is widely used […]

Download Free Icon Clipart With The Noun Project Add-in For PowerPoint & Word

The Noun Project is a website which has been providing user driven icons since 2010. The project aims at creating an archive of symbols representing different aspects of language. The Noun Project itself is hence, a kind of visual archive where symbols replace language.

Free Brain PowerPoint Template with Left & Right Sides

This free presentation template contains a visually appealing design of the left and right sides of a brain. Brain PowerPoint Template with Left & Right sides can be used in your presentations to describe the human brain functions with detailed information on the left brain functions vs. the right brain functions. The comparison slide for PowerPoint can be […]

Continuous Delivery PowerPoint Template

Continuous delivery is a software engineering approach. Software companies and teams following this approach produces software in short cycles. This ensures that the software can be reliable released at any time and helps to build, test and release pieces of software more frequently.

Setting SMART Objectives PowerPoint Template

This is a free Setting SMART Objectives PowerPoint Template with editable fields that you can use to make presentations and make a planning on business or personal life where you can include the SMART Goals.

Medium Term Goals PowerPoint Template

Medium Term Goals PowerPoint Template is a simple presentation template that can be used to present a mid-term goal or plan to an audience. It contains a slide with a modern gradient background and space to place the goals and objectives. This free template can be used as a planning template for organizations and individuals […]

Classic Weekly Calendar Template for PowerPoint

Classic Weekly Calendar Template for PowerPoint is another free blank weekly calendar design that can be used to plan your week. It includes space for the weekdays starting from Sunday to Saturday but there is also another slide with weekdays from Monday to Sunday.

Weekly Blank Calendar Template for PowerPoint

Weekly Blank Calendar Template for PowerPoint is a simple but effective calendar template for your weekly planning. It includes many different slide layouts for weekly planning on weekdays or even including weekends. The weekly calendar design can be used as a blank weekly planner template and it is a multi-purpose template suitable for any planning need […]

3-Year Strategic Plan PowerPoint Template

3-Year Strategic Plan PowerPoint Template is a free presentation template with slides that you can use to summarize the organizational strategic plan for 3-Year terms. It is intended to be used as a helper slide and you can combine it with other business plan PowerPoint templates and use the Format tool to apply the same […]

3-Year Plan Template for PowerPoint

If you need to describe your journey for this year and the next two years, then this free 3-Year Plan template for Microsoft PowerPoint can help to make the job done. It includes three main components and arrows to describe the plan for three years. It is great for anyone who want to describe a […]

Flat Hands PowerPoint Template

Flat Hands PowerPoint Template contains different hand gestures that you can use to decorate your slides. The gestures in this presentation template contains fingers pointing up, thumbs up and down and a clenched fist. All the shapes are editable so you can ungroup the shapes and customize each individual shape, change the shape styles and more.