An appealing presentation can pave the way for winning the heart of your audience. On the other hand, being made to forcibly sit through a boring presentation can be an extremely frustrating experience for anyone of us. So, try to keep your PowerPoint presentation as interesting as possible and hit the right cord of your audience.

How To Keep A Presentation Interesting

For your reference, here are 5 ways to keep a PowerPoint Presentation interesting so as to build the support of your audience:


1. Understand Importance of Design Elements: Structure your presentation like a story i.e. in an organized manner. Make sure that the images, animation effects, videos and other facts & figures that you use, have been depicted in a relevant way. For this, you can:

  • Use font texts and background colors appropriately (usually according to the topic)
  • Add interesting and humorous graphics
  • Use minimal words and keep white spaces wherever possible
  • Avoid unnecessary smiley and clip art

2.  Body Language of Presenter Matters: To connect with the listeners, you should also have interest in what you are demonstrating. Don’t stand still, rather keep the presentation flowing. It is very important to know exactly what you intend to present to your audience so as to relate with them. Be confident about your speech!

3.  Engage Your Audience: For endearing your audience, you are required to follow a few basic tips as

  • Do not fumble and use a language you are fluent in
  • Add funny one-liners in between to keep your listeners engaged
  • Be concise because lengthy presentations usually tend to doze off the listeners
  • Quoting jokes or realistic instances is also beneficial

4.  Be Assertive: No one is ready to believe you until your points are credible enough. So, be compelling and influential in whatever you quote. However, at no point should you impose your thoughts to justify your point, instead try to reason every idea.


5. Rehearse Before You Speak: Before the time arrives for final presentation, practice your speech well. Get thorough with all the slides, avoid contrasting details and make sure you sound natural. Also, you must be able to quickly navigate through the slides and handle queries from audience.

Market experts suggest that initial few minutes are a deciding factor in determining whether your presentation is successful or not. Furthermore, things like time of presentation, your way of interacting with audiences, etc also make a vast difference.  So, put your best foot forward to make the best possible use.

Always remember one thing that with the right technique, you can make even the most boring subject matter interesting and succeed in grabbing user attention.