The social media platforms have extended beyond limits in the past decade and so has our involvement. A fine example is YouTube. What adds to its appeal is free usage and hence, business minded people employ them for economical and effective marketing. PowerPoint Presentations are the latest trend through the online social circuit as a popular tool for social media marketing.

  Using PowerPoint For Social Media Marketing

Presentations can be used to add power to social media marketing. Here are some ways by which you can use presentations to do this.

  • Embedded PowerPoint to stir interest – Anything from a blog to a twitter post can be spiced up with an embedded presentation link. It is but an easy and appealing way to show your prospective clients what you can really do. After all, a perfectly pitched first impression does count a hell lot!
  • Create original graphics and illustrations – People have forever been stuck with the use of tools like PhotoShop. No offense, but there are better options beyond these tools too, especially when it comes to using your creativity to come up with something original following easy steps. The latest versions of PowerPoint offer easy means to do just that!
  • Linking PowerPoint in Q&A forums – The discussion forums are one place where you can get thorough analysis of every angle of your opinion. Providing a link of your presentation in the relevant forum is sure to get it a lot of views and vital suggestions. It is an easy means to get an opinion poll to help decide the further course of your marketing.
  • Narrate a story through these slides – During childhood, it was through stories that we were taught the important values and lessons of life. This is because stories are easy to understand, interest building and triggers one’s imagination. Your target audience will experience the same. It’s great to go old school with the art of story-telling.
  • Special content for VIP zones – PowerPoint presentations can further be propagated through means like Slide Share or SlideOnline. It lets you make certain amazing presentations private for your special clients who can access these using their own log in password.

With these revolutionary and outstanding uses, the PowerPoint presentations can be used more creatively than ever before. It is time to extend the limits beyond the over used bullet points; it is time to make them a little more fun for the audience.