Selling a product or service isn’t easy and tracking leads can be quite difficult when you are running a tight schedule. Sales Tracking Calendar is a free app for Android and iOS which makes it easy to track sales, follow-Ups, call backs, appointments and even your sales objectives.

Sales Tracking Calendar

Collect, Track And Email Sales Data

With this app you can not only track sales but also collect data for your sales presentations for PowerPoint with the help of sale pipelines, ratios and average sales calculations. Furthermore, managers can automatically generate weekly sales plan reports for their staff and sales reps can email their sales reports to their managers from within this app.

Pro tip: to calculate average easily, you can use this free Average Calculator tool.


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Collect, Track And Email Sales Data

Make Sure You Never Miss A Lead

One of the biggest advantages of using this app is that you can conveniently manage your sales and potential leads on the go and also analyze your sales data more conveniently. The app also has a built in contact feature which facilitates keeping a record of leads and call-backs to help you increase your sales.

Make Sure Your Never Miss A Lead

How Sales Tracking Calendar App Works?

Sales Tracking Calendar app can be used by simply starting off by setting your sales objective for tracking purposes. Once done, you can begin scheduling and entering appointments, your client Follow-Up or Referrals and leads. Scheduled clients and leads remain saved within the Contact section and at the end of each day you can use the ‘End Of Day’ menu to see how many Cold Calls you might have made in the day or how many new Appointments might have been set.

Sales Tracking Calendar app For Android

Sales Tracking Calendar app is compatible with the following mobile devices:

  • Android (2.2 or above)
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

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