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Track Sales And Leads On Android And iOS With Sales Tracking Calendar App

Selling a product or service isn’t easy and tracking leads can be quite difficult when you are running a tight schedule. Sales Tracking Calendar is a free app for Android and iOS which makes it easy to track sales, follow-Ups, call backs, appointments and even your sales objectives.

How J-Curve Can Benefit Your Business?

The term J Curve is used to explain the profits and losses in a private entity. It also describes the effects that currency devaluation has on trade balance. In today’s global business environment, it can help companies to analyze the impact of political development on important business factors such as; supply chain stability, opportunity assessment, investment […]

Free Sales Plan Template for Word

If you need to prepare a Sales Plan for your organization or new business development then this free Word template for Microsoft Word can be helpful. This is a free sales plan strategy template that you can download. You can use this sales strategy plan template to prepare effective sales plan and business presentation or a […]