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Showpad: Mobile Sales Enablement Platform For iPad And Android

Giving your team a bunch of papers to carry out regular sales related activities seems too cumbersome and in some cases, impossible due to the changing nature of technology. Showpad is a web based platform and mobile app which provides a comprehensive set of options for providing relevant information to your sales staff in downloadable […]

Pitching Your Products With A Sales Presentation

Sales and marketing would have to be one of the most important aspects of any business, especially in today’s world of cut throat competition! No business could ever survive without a team of dedicated sales staff out there pitching your products and getting more customers.

Selling Innovatively With PowerPoint Presentations

None of us will be surprised with the fact that advertising is one of the most crucial aspects of the sales process. To top it up, surviving in a tremendously competitive business world requires you to bring an additional “Wow” factor to your marketing strategy so as to stand out of the league. No doubt, […]

5 Ideas To Spice Up Your Sales Presentation

The true essence of marketing lies in the knack of attracting all the attention while you do the talking. Well, with today’s marketing trends, it is more of presentations and less of talking.

Track Sales And Leads On Android And iOS With Sales Tracking Calendar App

Selling a product or service isn’t easy and tracking leads can be quite difficult when you are running a tight schedule. Sales Tracking Calendar is a free app for Android and iOS which makes it easy to track sales, follow-Ups, call backs, appointments and even your sales objectives.

Jazz Up Your Sales Presentation With These 7 Tips

After a great sales introduction, you have to follow up with a powerful presentation. A sales PowerPoint Presentation should be a mixture of information about the product or service, as well as a persuasive, yet humble pitch to sell what you are advertising. However, it is not all about show and tell, you also require […]

What Are The Methods To Make Great Sales Presentations?

The thought of giving presentations can make anybody nervous and when it’s related to your business then the process becomes more tense. Since your corporate deals depend upon the way you present your products and services, planning and preparation are must to achieve success.

Preparing and Presenting for an Effective Sales Presentation

Systematic planning, product expertise and good relationship skills contribute in profitable selling. The kind of presentation techniques you use will definitely have a strong impact on overall success and sales growth. Preparing and Presenting for an Effective Sales Presentation can be difficult if don’t know much about your client and product. You need to keep […]