Traffic, transportation, freight, travel, accidents and a range of other topics cross cut the traffic theme. The Animated Traffic PowerPoint Template depicts a video animation of heavy traffic on the freeway, with animated slides providing sample, editable presentation content.

Animated Traffic Video for PowerPoint

The primary PowerPoint video animation of heavy freeway traffic is depicted across sample slides along with space for adding your own content.


Animated traffic video for PowerPoint

Diagrams, Tables & Charts

The template features a number of sample diagrams, tables, charts and clipart images to aid you in making professional presentations, where you might require depicting traffic related content.

SmartArt roadblock diagram

You can use these sample diagrams and charts by populating your own statistics and text to depict information using PowerPoint charts and SmartArt diagrams. The layouts for these charts and diagrams has been neatly crafted, with ample space for elaborating upon the core concept tied to your subject.


As you can see from the screenshot below, the editable PowerPoint chart depicted in this slide has ample space at the right to elaborate upon the statistics from the chart. Moreover, the video animation of heavy freeway traffic is presented at the bottom. You can also turn off this animation by option for static versions of slides via Home –> Layouts.

Traffic animation with charts

Traffic and Vehicle Illustrations

The traffic and vehicle related illustrations are present throughout the template, including standalone images for picture layouts, as well as comparison layouts, agenda and bullet lists, etc.

vehicle illustrations


Freeway Clipart

The clipart page provides freeway themed clipart such as roadblocks, cityscape, a truck and sign boards. You can also use the images within other sample slides, across customized slides you might have created from scratch. Just copy and resize the images anytime according to need.

Freeway clipart

Whether you are a PowerPoint user using PC or Mac or a Keynote user who wants to use this template on an iPad device or Mac computer, there are versions available that can be used for either of those applications.

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