Looking for an interesting method to grab the attention of your audience? Try some magic! The Animated Magic Fortune Ball PowerPoint Template provides a customizable video animation for PowerPoint.

Magic Fortune Ball Animation for PowerPoint

Before downloading this video background template for PowerPoint, go to the developer’s page, add your own text and image and click Customize Item. This will render the template with your added content. You can also adjust the font style and shadow settings, add shapes, duplicate items and change layer color.


Customize magic ball video animation

Once downloaded, you can run the video animation in Normal and Slide Show view in PowerPoint. This animation can be further customized from within PowerPoint by adding text boxes and images to your animated slide.

Magic fortune ball template for PowerPoint presentations

This video background is available not only as a PowerPoint file but your custom version can even be downloaded in FLV, MOV or Windows Media format for use in PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, sales demos, marketing videos and the like. To pick a desired format, head over to the Sample & Download options tab after customizing the animation.


To use this animation, go to the link below, customize it and download it as a PowerPoint or video file.

Go to Presenter Media -Magic Fortune Ball Animation for PowerPoint

Magic ball video background for PowerPoint

Fortune Ball PowerPoint Clipart

You can also download a static image file with your logo and text on a magic fortune ball via the link below. This clipart is available in PNG and JPG image formats and offers similar customization features to the above mentioned video background.

The below screenshot shows a customized version of this clipart. We added our logo and downloaded the clipart in PNG format. You can also add text around the logo or customize the clipart without any image.

Go to Presenter Media – Fortune Ball PowerPoint Clipart

Magic fortune ball clipart