We have been covering animated templates and video backgrounds over the years for our readers. Among the various template types and backgrounds we have been compiling templates related to business, science, nature, project management, etc. This time we have compiled a list of Animated Clouds Backgrounds for PowerPoint users.

Cloud Race PowerPoint Video Background

This is a customizable cloud themed template that can be easily edited before and after download. Before downloading this template, add your own custom text (as shown below). This text will then be displayed in the form of an animation.


Clouds customizable video background

You can download this animated template in the form of a PowerPoint template or as a video file. For more details, visit the link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Cloud Race PowerPoint Video Background

Cloud race video background for PowerPoint


Cloud Fly Through PowerPoint Video Background

This is another video background which can be downloaded with your own text to create anything from animated title slides to general presentation slides presenting your custom message. This video background is also available in the form of an editable PowerPoint slide, with the option to also download your customized version as a video file.

Go to Presenter Media – Cloud Fly Through PowerPoint Video Background

Clouds fly through video background for PowerPoint

Floating  Clouds PowerPoint Video Background

This is a less realistic video background as compared to the ones mentioned above, however, it comes with a nice 2D look. The clouds rotate over the blue sky background as if they are being controlled by strings, giving the background a theatrical look.

You can add text over this background animation and play it in Slide Show mode to preview your slide. You can also duplicate this slide to create multiple slides with this video background, alongside your added text and images on top of the background.

Go to Presenter Media – Floating Clouds PowerPoint Video Background

Clouds 2d video background for PowerPoint