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Time Clipart & Animations For PowerPoint

Time can be a central theme for many professional presentations. Whether you are making a presentation for training new employees, a class lecture or a presentation to present before a teacher, time might turn out to be a symbolic theme somewhere in your slides. This might be to emphasize on; time management, changing times (such […]

Animated Hourglass PowerPoint Templates

An hourglass is a powerful symbol for depicting time. It has been used for ages in books, movies and animations for representing time and adding a touch of mystery to a subject. If your presentation has aspects related to time that you want to elaborate upon, then an hourglass can be a good way to […]

Animated 10 Minute Countdown PowerPoint Template

Sometimes you have limited time for delivering your presentation. Many events provide a limited time to presenters to deliver their slides. Similarly, many teachers provide a limited time to students for delivering their class presentations. In such a case having your slides perfectly timed can ensure that you are able to complete your presentation on time; without […]

Animated Doors PowerPoint Template

You might have heard the metaphor of open and closed doors. This metaphor can be incorporated in a number of presentation topics, such as ones related to career, business, sales, competitor performance, etc. If you would like to make a presentation where you require depicting door illustrations, then here is a suitable template for you.

Animated Hourglass Template For PowerPoint

The Animated Hourglass Template for PowerPoint is the perfect template for depicting presentation content related to time and time management.

Animated Time Templates For PowerPoint

Time, something we can’t do without! Time is an essential part of managing your presentations to deliver your point of view with precision. Similarly, time has great value in business, scientific experiments, academic endeavors and virtually anything you wish to achieve.

Miranda: The Best iOS App For Time Synchronization

One of the most common problems that professionals face is managing events, happening in different time zones. It happens more often than not that the time estimation goes wrong and the dominos start to tip.

How To Display Date And Time In PowerPoint Presentations

Keeping track of time and giving a stylish touch to your PowerPoint Presentations can both be achieved by adding time and date to your slides. In fact, in some cases this may even be necessary to give your presentation a professional look. Good presentations need important final touches and displaying the current time and date […]