Time, something we can’t do without! Time is an essential part of managing your presentations to deliver your point of view with precision. Similarly, time has great value in business, scientific experiments, academic endeavors and virtually anything you wish to achieve.

To reflect the importance of time in your slides, we have a collection of animated Time Templates for PowerPoint that can allow you to talk about time, without boring your audience.


Animated time templates for PowerPoint

About Time PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

The About Time PowerPoint Template with custom text is an animated template which shows an analogue clock with the option to add your custom message on top. Before downloading the template you can add a title or message by going to the Add Custom Text section on the developer’s website.

About time PowerPoint template

The template can then be downloaded in PowerPoint or as a WMV, MOV or FLV video file. You can also change the background color and adjust brightness and Saturation for the video animation. After the template is downloaded, you can use the placeholders to add your own title and subtitle and comprehensively edit it using PowerPoint Ribbon menu options.


Animated time template

The below image shows the template running in Slide Show mode with custom text. You can download this template in the following file formats:

  • PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Video (FLV, MOV or WMV)

Go to Presenter Media – About Time Template for PowerPoint

Custom text with clock animation


Time Symbols PowerPoint Template

What better way to present time related topics than to use symbols. The Time Symbols PowerPoint Template can be used for making infographic slides by editing the sample layouts and using the wide variety of clipart images related to time. This template is compatible with:

  • PowerPoint for Windows and Mac
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Time Symbols PowerPoint Template

Time symbols PowerPoint template

Boxer Punching Clock Clipart

You can add a bit of punch to your presentations by using this static clipart which shows a stick figure punching out a clock. This clipart is customizable and you can change the clipart color and pick a custom size for it before downloading it.

Go to Presenter Media – Boxer Punching Clock Clipart

Boxer punching clock clipart

Clock Icon Clipart

Clock Icon is a static clipart which shows a simple analogue clock, with customization options available at the developer’s website to adjust clock color, saturation, brightness, reflection and shadow.

Go to Presenter Media – Clock Icon Clipart

Clock icon clipart