Sometimes you have limited time for delivering your presentation. Many events provide a limited time to presenters to deliver their slides. Similarly, many teachers provide a limited time to students for delivering their class presentations. In such a case having your slides perfectly timed can ensure that you are able to complete your presentation on time; without the need to look at your watch or a clock in the hall.

Animated Template with Preconfigured Time

The Animated 10 Minute Countdown PowerPoint Template provides a 10 minute time frame for you to deliver your slides, with each slide timed perfectly. You can also change the time frame for your slides according to need.


Animated 10 minute countdown PowerPoint template

Make Witty Slides with a Cute Monster Character

The sample slides come with an adorable monster character depicted with different moods. The original slide deck consists of 11 slides, with scope for adding or removing slides as per need. You can use these slides for sending your audience on a 10 minute break or customize the layouts to give perfectly timed 10 minute presentations, where each slide will switch after 1 minute.

Cute monster character

Increase or Reduce Slide Time

You can change the default countdown for your slides via ‘Transitions’ tab from the Timing menu.


Increase or reduce slide time

Send Your Audience for a Break

The default slide deck provides a perfectly timed 10 minute presentation slide deck, which can also be used as a 10 minute slide show for sending your audience for a break. In fact, this can be a very handy use for the original sample slides. Each slide by default switches after 1 minute, with the monster character alerting the audience of how much time is remaining.

Audience break slides

Once the 10 minute break is over, the slide show concludes with a message stating ‘We’re Back’. Of course, you can also use this template as a slide deck with timed slides for your presentations. Moreover, you can also replace the monster character with your own clipart.

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We are back

This animated monster character template is downloadable via Presenter Media.

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