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Animated Rain Drops PowerPoint Template

Water related imagery and animations often provide a serene sense to the viewer, as they reflect calmness and tranquility. This is why incorporating such imagery in a presentation can help you relax your audience and deliver your message more effectively.

Animated Baseball Template For PowerPoint

In our series of reviews about Sports Templates we have so far covered templates for American Football and Soccer presentations. It’s time to explore a template for another sport that has had millions baffled by its euphoria, so much so that the very mention of it brings out the fan in full swing. Yes, it’s time […]

Soccer PowerPoint Template And Animations

Want to make a presentation on soccer that looks really good? We have just what you need! You can make a comprehensive presentation about soccer games, winning strategies, historical matches, the Football World Cup or anything related to the beautiful game by using the template and animations listed below.

Animated Mind Map Template For PowerPoint

Mind mapping can be done using a variety of tools, ranging from web apps like Gliffy to mobile apps like Corkulous and Doodlecast. In a previous post we explained the various benefits of making mind maps in PowerPoint; this time we will provide you with a review of a very handy animated template which can […]

Animated Football PowerPoint Template

Football is a topic which brings out the joy in many people, sometimes in the form of an uncontrollable euphoria. If you want to create presentations about football, then we have just the template for you.

Animated Flower Templates For PowerPoint And Keynote

Flower themed presentation layouts might be needed at instances where one might require presenting topics related to the environment, botany, gardening, special occasions, etc. Moreover, flowers and petals can also be symbolic for representing business growth, career advancement, increased revenue and improved business performance.

Creative Back To School Template for PowerPoint Presentations with Animated Effects

It’s time to go back to school and present your ideas. Interestingly, this can be said for both teachers and students, as presentations have become an integral part of academic activities due to the ease they provide in presenting information.

Animated Electronic Signature Template For PowerPoint

The Animated Electronic Signature Template for PowerPoint provides slides depicting an electronic signature being unlocked with a finger swipe. The template provides animations, clipart and a variety of useful layouts suitable for making presentations related to technology, electronic signature verification, BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives, etc.

Animated Comic Book Template For PowerPoint

Your Comic Frame is an animated comic book template for PowerPoint for making comic book style presentation slides. This PowerPoint Template provides speech bubbles, clipart images, comic book like customizable characters and comes with pre-rendered animations to help you quickly create comic book style presentations to inspire your audience.

Animated PowerPoint Thank You Clip Art

What can make a whole lot of difference when ending your presentation, can be nothing more than a simple ‘Thank You’ delivered in style. If you are tired of the boring and dull Thank You clipart available elsewhere and wish to add some excitement to your closing slides, then here are a few customizable and […]

Animated Aboriginal Art Template For PowerPoint And Keynote

If you are looking to create a presentation about arts, native cultures, travel, tourism and particularly the Australian Aboriginal culture then you should check out the Aboriginal Artwork Template for PowerPoint and Keynote.

Animated Factory PowerPoint Templates

There can be a million reasons why you might require depicting a factory in a presentation slide. Ranging from topics related to company policy, assembly line and production related issues to more complex topics like global warming, a factory image, animation or diagram might be required for presentations; e.g for topics related to business or […]