Pyramid diagrams are used for presenting various concepts, interconnected relationships, demographic data, for making hierarchical illustrations and the like. The Animated Pyramid Diagrams Template for PowerPoint is perfect for making various types of Pyramid diagrams with the aid of customizable sample diagram slides.

Customizable Animated Pyramid Diagram Slides

Customizing the given sample PowerPoint slides is quite easy, as you can use the given placeholders (or add your own) to label the generic pyramid diagrams. The template is especially designed for making segmented diagrams, which are used for depicting interconnected, proportional and containment relationships.


Animated pyramid diagrams template for PowerPoint

Wide Range of Layouts for Making Pyramid Diagrams

Regardless of what type of pyramid diagram you intent to make, you can find a layout in this template that best matches your requirements and customize it in no time. You can also replicate slides and copy individual diagram objects to create new diagram slides of your own.

Pyramid diagrams for Microsoft PowerPoint

3D Pyramid Diagrams Editable via Drag and Drop

Most pyramid diagrams are available in 3D format and you can customize or reshape them by dragging and dropping the 3D pyramid diagram elements.


Segmented pyramid diagrams template

Suitable for Making Professional Diagrams and presentations

Using the given sample layouts you can design different types of professional diagrams, including multi-level pyramid diagrams, where each step is represented as a stage. Similarly, you can represent statistics, sales diagrams, an illustration depicting the Maslow’s Pyramid of Need, etc.

Multi level pyramid diagram

Widescreen and Standard Template Editions for PowerPoint and Keynote

This animated template is downloadable for both PowerPoint and Keynote in Standard and Widescreen formats. The template is compatible with the latest PowerPoint versions for Mac and Windows OS, as well as the latest version of Keynote.

Segmented pyramid slide design

The supported operating systems for this template include the following:

  • PowerPoint for Windows and Mac
  • Keynote for Mac and iOS (iPad)

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