Flower themed presentation layouts might be needed at instances where one might require presenting topics related to the environment, botany, gardening, special occasions, etc. Moreover, flowers and petals can also be symbolic for representing business growth, career advancement, increased revenue and improved business performance.

The Animated Flower Templates for PowerPoint and Keynote mentioned below are ideal for making presentations related to the aforementioned topics, as they come with diverse slide layouts that can be adjusted for a wide variety of presentation types.


Animated flower templates for PowerPoint and Keynote

Animated Growing Solutions Presentation Template

This animated template for Keynote and PowerPoint depicts various stages of growth with the help of plant themed animations, clipart and graphics. The template starts off with a slide animation that shows the various stages of a growing plant; with placeholders to help add your own title and subtitle.

Growing solutions presentation template

The succeeding slides provide editable layouts with charts, list, picture and comparison slides for presenting your information in an interesting manner.


Growth slide layout

What makes this template stand out is the novelty of ideas integrated in sample slides to help presenters elaborate upon the most boring topics with the aid of attractive and eye-catching content. The chart slide shown below, for example, can help you present statistical data using a novel approach.

Growing solutions chart

This animated template is extremely easy to customize and the objects within slides are movable, which makes it easy to fully customize each slide to your liking. This plant themed template is compatible with:

  • PowerPoint (PC and Mac)
  • Keynote (Mac and iOS)

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Growth chart

Animated Petal Presentation Template

This petal themed template for Keynote and PowerPoint can also be a very handy presentation tool for making good use of statistical data, text and images, with the aid of colorful slides with animations, charts, picture layouts, comparison slides and the like.

Animated petal themed PowerPoint template

The template features not only animated but also static versions of sample slides which can be used separately or mixed together according to need.

Flower bar chart slide


The given layouts also provide scope for making your custom flower diagrams by using the generic layouts which are designed to be used as diagrams with important information. As these sample diagram slides are generic, you can use them for any type of presentation topic by making anything from a business diagram, process diagram to a slide about environmental variables or even quarterly information.

You can download this flower and petal themed template for:

  • PowerPoint (PC and Mac)
  • Keynote (Mac and iOS)

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Go to Presenter Media –  Animated Petal Template (Standard Edition)

Create custom petal shaped diagrams

Animated Flower Themed Clipart

If you are looking for an animated flower clipart than you can use this animation as a GIF image with a custom background in your presentations. Alternatively, you can also download this flower animation as a Flash or MOV video file via the link given below.

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CFL flower animated clipart