The Jewish traditions are a beautiful blend of many meaningful rituals. This culture involves many a humanitarian activities by its followers as a means to show their gratitude for all that they are blessed with in life. This tradition celebrates the little joys of life to truly celebrate life itself. One such celebration is Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah is a tradition of celebrating the maturing of a boy or a girl at the age of 12 or 11 respectively to be able to take responsibility for their actions and become a part of every Jewish tradition henceforth. This celebration has everything from prayers to singing and frolics to rejoicing. The most crucial part however is the speech giving that can be quite a daunting task for the parents as well as for the child who is ascending to an age of maturity and independence.

Delivering An Amazing Bar And Bat Mitzvah Speech

So here are a few tips to deliver an amazing Bar and Bat Mitzvah speech as a proud parent to make the ceremony most special:

  • Open with a famous Jewish quoteQuotes have forever been the ideal way to begin a speech. Here you can pick one from amongst the many famous Jewish sayings to be said in the right tone, with just the right amount of emphasis.
  • Greet and extent gratitude – Next you must greet the present audience and thank each of those guests for gracing the occasion with their presence.
  • Expressing your proud moment – Now is the time to pour out your emotion as a proud parent for today is the day your child is ready to shoulder your responsibilities henceforth.
  • Share with the guests your child’s personality – Let your child feel special by letting him know how well you know him/her. Now that your child will be a grown up ask the guests present there to rest their faith in him/her, accepting him/her as a responsible person of the community.
  • Share your experience on becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in your teenage – This is special. Let your child know how you felt on ascending into maturity and how you carried out your responsibilities there on.
  • What Judaism means to you – Share your faith in your religion and beliefs and how it helped you grow as a person.
  • Your advice to your child – Let your child know what you expect of him, what the community expects of him and how he can grow while also conducting his duties to this religion, its people and to himself.
  • Concluding lightheartedly on a meaningful note – The conclusion must be meaningful but not too grave to be conducting a lecture on responsibilities! It must be a perfect blend of emotions, interesting information and that essence of joy.

Remember, the speech need not be too fancy. To allow the audience to connect and to make the occasion really special your speech must have a soul to it that is sure to come following the above stated tips.