When you have planned, structured, organized and created a presentation, there is something else that you have to concoct and blend, as the garnishing to your platter. In the words of the famous author O.Henry, it can be put as, “Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.”In this scenario it is your presentation speech, that needs to create the interest amongst your audience and hit the target at the accurate spot. The major problem that is seen with a speech is that more often than not you intend to say something and it is deciphered as something else by the listeners.

So, here are few guidelines to, help you pick-up the thread from:

Recognize your audience

This is vital and a challenging task. They maybe anyone and each of them have a typical mindset. Yet you have to understand the core listeners, who will be participating and gathering for a determined ground.


Age group is a critical aspect in this case for the content and information should be accordingly based. Therefore, when writing the speech ensures that you have a clear idea of the audience you are meant to inspire.

Be comprehensible to the listeners

You should be comprehendible when speaking. In the process of going for an impressive speech people often end up like literary experts, using jargons or providing date that only puts the audience to sleep in the very beginning.

You should be audible to everyone and address the listeners, not the walls or a particular group. Use simple terms and the effect of localization always has a positive impact, because your listeners start recognizing with you instantly.

Do not mug up a written speech

Don’t ever do this! If you by-heart a speech then you sure to make blunders, with every word, phrase or line that you skip, your confidence will bounce lower and lower.


Hence, write and practice and leave space for improvisation.

Do not keep referring to the presentation

This is your introductory speech; do not keep mentioning repeatedly what will be exhibited in the presentation. You are killing the suspense this way and people might even leave the venue right after your speech, for they might feel they already have the zest of the demonstration.

Dress according to the occasion and your gestures also need to be attended to during your speech.

  1. Introduce yourself, but do not elongate it to give the feeling of boasting.
  2. Introduce the topic, with some interesting facts or details.
  3. Tell them how this presentation will benefit them.
  4. Lure them with a hint of the suspense you have in store.

If you are able to follow these guidelines alacrity, you will not just impress your listeners but get applauded too.