Birthdays and weddings hold an important place in everybody’s life. These are those special occasions where you are surrounded by your near and dear ones and if at such celebrating times somebody decides to deliver a speech, the atmosphere certainly becomes more interesting and enjoyable. Delivery of some interesting Birthday and Wedding Speeches can change the mood of the whole occasion, making it memorable not only for guests but for the bride/groom or birthday boy/girl. This can make your loved ones feel special on their big day.


There are plenty of speeches which can be given on such special days, which will ultimately contribute in making the get together more attention grabbing. This type of public speaking is usually highly appreciated by the audience. You just need to take care of your subject, length and tone to make it highly effective.

For an amazing speech a simple one-line sentence can’t work, as it has to be entertaining with complete public involvement from beginning to the very end. There are many examples of such occasional speeches which can really keep the audience engaged and these are as follows:

  • Giving a speech which describes the person’s accomplishments, awards and recognitions is a great idea to make his big day more special. Such a speech will give him/her encouragement to achieve more success and fill the environment with positivity.
  • Speak about some humorous aspect from that person’s life. This will make the environment more interesting and worth listening. Public Speaking of this kind generally gains a lot of attention from the guests and family members and makes the party atmosphere light and enjoyable.
  • Another great speech which can be delivered on such occasions is related to the wish you would like to make for the future of the addressee. This will be full of blessings and best wishes for his upcoming life.

These three speeches have the power to add fun and excitement to any of these two merry-making events. Such valuable efforts will make the party not just enjoyable but also worth remembering. So the right kind of speech can make the listeners totally involved.

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Therefore, if you are also planning to give some interesting speech on any of these occasions, then preparing yourself on any one of the above discussed ideas can turn all heads towards you. Don’t forget that these are happy events so you have to deliver something that leaves everyone with a warm feeling. Just prepare your best to deliver the best.