In today’s educational and collaborative business world, ice breakers can be very effective and helpful in allowing teams to bond and get to know each other well. If you are welcoming a group of new employees, it is quite important to help them to get comfortable with interactive icebreaker games.

Undoubtedly, Ice Breaking Techniques at Workplace can contribute more effectively towards desirable outcomes. Thus, an ice breaker should be as friendly as possible to diffuse the tension and anxiety among workforce.

Ice-breaking Techniques at Workplace

Mainly, ice breakers are related to the subject matter and so they can be surprising, thoughtful, humorous, amusing and fun. There is several ice breaking techniques that can be practices at the workplace to generate best possible results. They are here as under:


Hula Hoop Pass

To solve a simple problem, this game necessitates the group to work together. Further on, the group should get together to pass the hula hoop across the circle and also break the circle to slip a hoop over one person’s arm.

Memory Game

In this memory game, the participants are expected to remember what the other person just spoke. There are various styles and varieties of memory games that involve props random names of foods, balls, objects, animals and much more.


In this exercise, each and every employee should write their name vertically on a white sheet of paper and also describe something about them. Therefore, by using their name as a basis of the practice, this fun ice breaker can be enhanced by enabling the employees to illustrate each and every word by drawing the picture correctly.

Truth or Lie

This technique can actually foster among employees a greater sense of unity and helps them to learn about common interests as well. This game truly reveals several aspects of employee’s personal lives that would not normally come up during the working process going on. Thus, it may prove to be very effective practice among colleagues to know each other.


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The mentioned above techniques can actually enhance the communication among colleagues and helps them to better understand each other. Henceforth, no doubt ice breakers put the employees at ease and direct them towards achieving organizational goals.