You might have heard of Victor Hugo’s quote bout nothing being more powerful than an idea whose time has come.  Time for Your Ideas is perhaps a template inspired by the same notion.

Animated & Static Idea Themed Slides

This idea PowerPoint template is a combination of animated and static slides, with the option to edit the animations according to need. You can also edit objects within slides by rearranging and recoloring them. The basic slide design for each slide is a whiteboard like layout with illustrations of clocks, charts, diagrams and the like.

Time for your ideas PowerPoint template


To make changes to a layout, you can either use the placeholders or add new ones. Furthermore, you can insert additional clipart, charts, diagrams and text, as well as remove sample objects.

Clock and whiteboard slide design

Doodle Charts, Bullet Lists and Diagrams

There are a number of sample charts, lists and diagrams which appear like realistic drawings. They seem like something drawn on a whiteboard with markers or doodles scribbled on a piece of page. These layouts can be edited to make custom charts, diagrams and bulleted lists to effectively present your ideas using novel slide designs.

Doodle charts, lists and diagrams


The sample layouts are quite innovative and can serve as something unique enough to impress your audience. To explain different concepts and ideas you can make use of sample content and use your own creative sense to express important aspects of your ideas in a manner which can be easy to understand for any kind of audience; using the visual aid of interesting slide elements.

Innovative doodle layouts

The element slides offer objects you can reuse across your presentations. These objects come with different colors and can be easily placed and resized in slides to give them a more realistic look.

Sample slide objects

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