Chalkboard themed templates can be ideal for delivering class lectures and making educational presentations or e-learning courses. If you need a nice chalkboard slide design for your next presentation, then here are some Free Chalkboard PowerPoint Templates for you.

Free Black Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

This is a simple black board themed PowerPoint presentation template which shows a school blackboard with ample space to add your content. The board design is quite glossy, which makes the template more visually appealing and perfect for making your content appear eye-catching.


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Free chalkboard PowerPoint template

Free Blackboard PowerPoint Template

This marketing themed template shows different marketing related terms mentioned on a chalkboard. The chalkboard slides in this template depict a board with visible chalk smudge, which gives a more realistic chalkboard look.

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Blackboard PowerPoint template

Ideas in Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

This template shows sticky notes pinned to a chalkboard. You can use this template for not just presentations but also to jolt down ideas in a sequential manner during brainstorming sessions or to create mind maps.

With five diverse slides, the template offers numerous sticky note and chalkboard themed layouts with enough scope for making custom diagrams, concept maps, mind maps and other types of sequential slides, etc.

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Chalkboard idea PowerPoint template

Green School Board PowerPoint Template

If you want to present your ideas using a green chalkboard slide design, then this is just the template you need. This green chalkboard template comes with more than half a dozen slide layouts. With this template you can create anything from picture slides to chart slides, comparison layouts and more.

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Green chalkboard template for PowerPoint

Green Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

This is another green chalkboard slide design, which is a replica of the black chalkboard template shown above. Like its black variant, the template enables removing the sample content on the opening slide which you can replace with custom text to suit your needs.

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Green chalkboard PowerPoint template