One of the symbolic images for presenting a school is a school bus. Hence, a school bus can be a good central theme for making presentations related to school, education, students, etc.

School Bus Themed Presentation Template for PowerPoint

The School Bus Infographics PowerPoint Template provides a set of animated slides with customizable layouts for making infographics, diagrams and other types of slides. The content of this template is editable down to the most basic objects within slides; with school bus themed illustrations.


School bus infographic for PowerPoint

School Bus Infographic Slides

The infographic like layouts provide a number of options for making infographic slides by using school, school bus and students as a central theme. You can also increase or reduce the number of slide objects by copy-pasting or deleting text-boxes. Furthermore, the primary illustrations are also movable and removable. For example, the school bus shown below can be moved via drag and drop, as well as copied to create new custom slides and even removed with your own custom image.

School bus diagram template

It is worth mentioning here that since this is an animated template it is advice to preview your slides in Slide Show mode to see how the animations play out with your added text and images. You can extensively edit the pre-rendered animations via Animations (tab) –> Animations Pane.


School bus PowerPoint template

Content Slides with Clipart

The clipart images in this template can be quite useful for making custom slides and for editing existing ones. The student clipart shown in the slide below can help you emphasize aspects of student life or for making infographics about statistics associated with students. Similarly, you will find a range of school bus clipart images throughout sample slides.

School students clipart

Exclusive Clipart Slides

Other than clipart within content slides you can also copy clipart images from an exclusive clipart slide offered within the template. This slides presents clipart images depicting school buses and students.

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School bus clipart