We recently brought you a brief overview of the isometric PowerPoint templates released by Presenter Media. In this post we will take a look at the features of one of these templates.

Isometric Slides with School and Education Themed Layouts

School Isometrics is a presentation template with isometric PowerPoint slide designs and animated slides. This isometric school PowerPoint template is education and school themed, with movable objects. The slides come with tip boxes that instruct you how to edit the animated layouts to make use of the isometric slides.


  Isometrics school and education template for PowerPoint

Add Text to Uniquely Different Placeholders

Using this isometric template can help you present your content with more depth, by adding text to uniquely placed textboxes. In the slide shown below, you can add text to the whiteboard which will be revealed in 3D format. This can help you present a sub-topic on the whiteboard, while elaborating other details using a conventional text layout on the left side.

School isometric template for PowerPoint

There are a number of creatively crafted slide designs with classroom and school related layouts. The various options to present text and headings in the form of three dimensional textboxes can help add the wow factor to your presentations and make them look professional.

School bus and students


Easy to Edit Isometric Slide Layouts

Editing slides is easy, just add your text, images, charts and other forms of content to the sample slides. You can remove and replace objects, as well as change their position using drag and drop. There are a range of animated and static slides that you can choose when making your presentations. Moreover, you can pick a layout from the Home tab (via ‘Layouts’ menu) to choose whether you want a slide to be animated or static.

Isometric slide layout

Isometric School and Education Themed Clipart

Two slides in this template provided clipart images related to school and education. These cliparts include school buses, trees, books, chairs, tables, students, teachers and the like.

Isometric school clipart

To download this isometric presentation template, see the Presenter Media links given below. You can grab this awesome template for PowerPoint, as well as for Keynote.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Isometric School PowerPoint Template