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Easily Create Professional Looking Animated Videos With GoAnimate

Ever wanted to make your own professional looking animated videos but didn’t know how? Try Go Animate. This easy to use web service provides simple options for making animated videos using animated characters and templates. You can use GoAnimate even if you are not very skilled in using a computer; this is because this web […]

Create Animated Presentations And Promotional Videos With PowToon

It’s quite likely that you might have stumbled upon promotional videos on YouTube which come with some nice animated characters and a typical upbeat background score. Interestingly, making such promotional videos or online presentations is easier than you might think. PowToon is a web service which offers readymade animated templates and a range of useful […]

Create Demos And Animated Videos Online With Wideo

Hiring professional help to create animated presentations, standalone animations or video demos can cost a fortune, luckily there are some very handy free web services that can help you make your own video animations with little effort. Wideo is a web service for making videos online by combining clipart, images, logos, text and backgrounds. Using […]

US Map PowerPoint Template

We have recently covered a number of map templates for PowerPoint, including the Widescreen World Map Toolkit, Canada Map Toolkit and the Europe Map Toolkt. Using such map templates can be quite useful for making business and academic presentations, which may require showing various geographical areas and their importance. If you require a similar template […]

Canada Map Toolkit Template For PowerPoint

Maps are always a good way to project business reports for revenue and sales forecasts, potential markets, consumer trends, etc. Previously, we brought you the review for the Widescreen World Map Toolkit and the Europe Map Toolkit. These Animated PowerPoint Templates are map templates that come with editable sample slides for making custom presentations which […]

Europe Map Toolkit Template For PowerPoint

Maps are an interesting way of outlining important aspects of a business or academic presentation. Previously, we brought you the Widescreen World Map Toolkit Template For PowerPoint, which provides animated slides with customizable maps for all major countries of the world. If you are looking for a similar Animated PowerPoint Template for Europe, then you […]

Animated Construction PowerPoint Template

When making a PowerPoint Presentation, using novel ideas can help you create attention grabbing content. When creating business presentations, using Animated PowerPoint Templates can help you create interactive slides that can instantly grab the attention of the audience and keep their interest alive. Presenter Media offers many such templates, such as the Construction Area Toolkit. […]

Editable Clock PowerPoint Template With Timepieces

Animated PowerPoint templates can always make even the most boring presentations unique. We have previously brought you a number of such templates by Presenter Media. The Clock Toolkit is another Animated Clock PowerPoint Template which can help you create business and academic presentations by using slides containing customizable timepieces. With the help of this animated […]

Animated Gears Template For PowerPoint

Animated PowerPoint Templates are the best way of instantly attracting the attention of any type of audience. As a presentation is suppose to present stats, ideas, concepts and many a times, convince the audience, making the most out of two of the five basic senses of the human body can leave a lasting impact. Hence, […]