A 3D cube can be associated with many presentation topics, ranging from problem solving to brainstorming for creative ideas. Missing Piece is an animated PowerPoint Template which is also available in different video formats, as a standalone video animation.

PowerPoint Template With 3D Cube Video Animation

The animation shows a white cube with a missing piece which is filled by a unique blue cube. The animation can be hence useful for a variety of topics, where a ‘missing piece’ can be used in a symbolic manner to emphasize your point.


Missing Piece PowerPoint Template

Easy To Customize

The template is quite easy to customize and you can simply add your own text, logo and clipart to customize the embedded animation within the template, which will play out with your added content once you switch the template to Slide Show mode in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Template With 3D Video Animation

You can download this animation in the following formats:

  • PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • FLV (Adobe Flash Video)
  • MOV (Apple QuickTime Video)

Go to Presenter Media – Missing Piece PowerPoint Template

Customize Text For 3D Cube Animation

Other than the simple animated version, you can also download this 3D cube animation with custom text. This custom text can be added from the options given at the developer’s website, after which you can download the template in PowerPoint, FLV, WMV or Apple’s QuickTime MOV format. Additionally, you can also adjust the brightness, saturation and TINT.

It’s is worth mentioning here that this video animation does not play in a loop, which makes it perfect for use in presentations, on blogs, marketing videos and other types of professional projects.

3D Cube Animation With Custom Text

After you have added your custom text and downloaded the animation, your added text will appear in the blue cube piece. You can customize and download this animation from the Presenter Media link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Missing Piece Text Animation