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Making PowerPoint Presentations From Scratch Vs Using Templates

So you’ve got a business meeting tomorrow and you are the lucky chosen one to give a presentation, so what do you do? Naturally, apart from panicking and cursing about the situation, what will you do? The age old question that has haunted many a men since the inception of Microsoft PowerPoint is whether to make a presentation from scratch or whether to use a template?

How do you get out of this conundrum? Do you brave the odds and make a presentation from scratch or do you take the easy way out and use templates to impress your audience? Well, both have their fair share of pros and cons. Let’s discuss some points regarding both.

Making PowerPoint Presentations

  • Making a PowerPoint presentation from scratch, though definitely has its own charm, but it is time consuming. And if you are pressed for time, then it is better to focus on creating material for your presentation.
  • Creating a presentation, though not difficult, requires some amount of familiarity with PowerPoint. So don’t expect stunning slides overnight.
  • On the positive side, you can add your personal touch to your slides and create them the way you want them rather than relying on a template, which might not give you that many customization options.

Making PowerPoint Presentations

Using PowerPoint Templates

  • Using PowerPoint Templates for a presentation obviously means less time consumed. So you can focus all that time and energy into creating and writing material for your presentation.
  • Most templates that you will find on the internet are created by professional designers, so you can rest assured that they would be flawlessly designed.
  • Depending on what your presentation is about, you can easily find templates suitable for that. So, whether it is related to engineering, business, finance, medical, sports etc. you can find a template related to your presentation topic.
  • Most templates that you’ll find on the internet are available for free! So you don’t pay for anything!

Using PowerPoint Templates

These were a few pros and cons of using templates and making slides from scratch and we can see there is obviously no definite conclusion about what would be better or not. It is quite subjective and a conclusion cannot be drawn. Both can be used with equal ease, depending upon the time one has.


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