It isn’t easy to find quality clipart, animations or templates that can help create a presentation about flights, airplanes and even tourism. Most templates come laden with slide designs that are simply a cliché, with really bad color combination. If you are looking to make a presentation about any of the aforementioned topics, then you might find the following presentation resources (Jet Airplane PowerPoint Template, animations and clipart) quite useful.

Jet Airplane PowerPoint Template

This template provides animated slides with slide designs depicting airplanes, maps and other types of images that can easily resonate with topics relevant for making presentations to advertise your travel agency, attract clients, display flight schedules, making traveling advice related slides, etc. The template contains as many as 20 sample slides, which come fully loaded with customizable SmartArt Graphics, animations, charts, clipart images, icons and a lot more. The Jet Airplane PowerPoint Template is most suitable for informative, sales, travel, tourism, and educational presentations.


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Jet Airplane PowerPoint Template

Travel Map PowerPoint Template

This is a PowerPoint template with an embedded video animation of a map with pins, which light up as the animation is played out. You can customize the animation using PowerPoint Video Tools and add text and images to the animated slide to customize it according to need. This animation can be downloaded in PowerPoint, WMV, Flash or MOV format; and can be used with anything from a presentation application to a video editing software, website or blog and other platforms that support any of the aforementioned video formats.

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Travel Map Destination Points Animation

Pilot Clipart

If you are looking for a static clipart of a pilot, then this is as good as it gets. The clipart is available in different resolutions and can be a nice addition to your presentation slides.

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Pilot Standing In Front of Airplane

Travel Around The World Clipart

The Travel Around The World Clipart is another high-quality image that can be suitably used in presentations about airplanes, tourism, travel agencies and the like.

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Travel Around World Clipart