Whether you are making a presentation about tourism or wish to create slides that will play at the entrance of your travel agency, displaying relaxing imagery can always have a positive effect on your audience. Moreover, one often requires clipart and slides for announcing mid-presentation breaks. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some interesting coffee and relaxing break PowerPoint Templates and clipart that you can use for making comprehensive presentations or standalone slides related to ‘breaks’ and ‘relaxation’.

Relaxing Break PowerPoint Template

Need to motivate employees by announcing a relaxing vacation for high achievers? Or are you looking for a template that can help you covert topics like travel and tourism, vacations, relaxing breaks, etc? This template offers animated slides which provide everything from statistical charts to clipart and animations that can leave a positive relaxing effect on your audience; to help you get your message across effectively.

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Relaxing Break PowerPoint Template

Coffee Break PowerPoint Template

Coffee in presentation slides are synonymous with break, time-out and relaxation. The Coffee Break PowerPoint Template provides many sample slides with this theme that can be molded according to your presentation’s topic for making individual slides or comprehensive presentations with animations, clipart and attractive picture layouts. You can download this animated template for PowerPoint and Keynote.

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Coffee Break PowerPoint Template

Stick Figure Coffee Table Talk Animated Clipart

If you require a static animation to use for mid-presentation breaks or on topics like vacations and relaxation, then this GIF image can be perfect to help you create a custom animated slide. This clipart shows two stick figures enjoying coffee at a table, amidst a conversation.

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Stick Figure Coffee Table Talk Clipart

Stick Figure Relaxing in Beach Chair

This is another fine clipart that can serve as a good addition to standalone slides. This static clipart is available in different image formats and resolutions.

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Stick Figure Relaxing in Beach Chair

Figure at 3D Movie Clipart

You can always add content about various leisure activities to enhance your presentation topic by using clipart images like this one. This static clipart shows a stick figure watching a 3D movie, while enjoying a tub of popcorn.

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Figure at 3D Movie