When put in the appropriate words of Anaïs Nin, ” The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.” The importance of content has been put in black and white in one sentence. Smart usage of content for PowerPoint Presentations is a talent acquired with experience and intellect. As a presenter you need to plan properly, on utilizing your ideas effectively and evenly in the presentation.

Guidelines On Content Planning For PowerPoint Presentations

Using content wisely in a presentation requires the presenter to simply stick to the basics. The right mix of words with easy to comprehend content can pretty much do the job for you.


Smart Usage Of Content For PowerPoint Presentation

Minimal Words On The Slides With Maximum Effect

Do not stuff your slides with paragraphs or excess lines. Few important words and phrases will be sufficient. An intelligent approach is to use ‘Smart Art‘; PowerPoint Presentation templates provide ample scope for this functionality.

Put yourself in the place of the audience and imagine how much you would hate, going through long lines on the screen. And it is indeed quite distracting to read when someone is speaking on the other side. Moreover, if you put everything on the slide, there is hardly anything left for you to speak, so keep the content less on the slides.

Choose Your Words With Care

Some words are enough to convey what you mean; hence use them in your content and half of the job will be done. Using correct words in the title or headings is a critical job; therefore take your time, when creating the titles. Rather you can choose the headings after you have worked on the content, in the slides. Furthermore, your words should have a relation with the topic. For instance, showing sales stats for a presentation on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not a great idea, unless you have successfully established a relation between the two.


Simple And Easy To Understand Language

Avoid using jargons, even if you are courteous enough to explain it to the audience, so that they find the presentation educative for themselves. The simpler you keep the language, more the audience will be able to identify with you. Hence, use an impressive tone that is easy to understand.

Make And Maintain A Flow

Instead of jumping from one topic to another, try to weave your presentation like a tale which has connecting ends. This is a little challenging but if followed with care you can certainly be amongst presenters who are able to engage their audience with words.

Last but not the least; make certain that your content is not excessively lengthy. Keep it short and to the point for delivering an effective presentation.