Preparing and demonstrating your presentation is a crucial technique. Not only is the co-ordination important but also the structure and planning of the presentation.

Simple Tips to Make Effective Presentations

You have been watching and creating presentations since your school days and now it has advanced to a more professional level. As much as the focus on the subject matter has increased, so has the possibilities for mistakes. Therefore you have to display something really centralized to your audience.

Here are a few suggestions, which might assist you in preparing, drawing attention and keeping the listeners engaged throughout.


1. Research thoroughly

Right from the start i.e. when finalizing the topic, you have to be cautious. The topic that you select should not be based on the thrilling and uncommon factor, rather your capability to present it.

Even the most common title can be exhibited with an innovative and matchless approach. So delve into the topic and carry out an in-depth research.

2. Plan the layout and structure

Finalize the number of slides and also the chronology of your ideas. Do not make it too long and do not extend one topic, to too many slides. Try to keep it precise, to keep the audience engaged. But do not reveal all your ideas at one go, it just kills the suspense.

3. Practice for co-ordination

You can time the change of your slides or click every time you want to change. But remember if one slide hangs on for too long, the listeners might get bored. If  it is visual then it should keep changing and stay interesting.


Including graphics and animations is a good idea, but do not over do it.

4. Catchy lines and bullet points

Paragraphs and long sentences are surely boring to read. Make use of your creativity by using amusing lines, or data and facts.

Keep the the information in bullet points, they make it readable.

Font size is important also the type of the same. Arial or San Serif is a safe and effective choice.


5. Adequate blend of imagery and content

Only words and no image, will surely make the presentation look dull. Similarly if there is no content then one might find it too unprofessional. So try to merge the two seamlessly, so that one complements the other.

6. Your appearance and posture

When delivering your speech during the presentation, make certain that you yourself are presentable.

Dress-up for the occasion formally and modestly. Your hand gestures and eye-contact should be equally expressive as much as your words.

7. Communicate and compel the audience

Here you skill as a speaker and communicator comes into play. You have to prepare your speech, but it should be in rhythm to your slides.

  1. When you introduce the topic, allure the audiences’ attention.
  2. As you go through the body, keep them interested by telling them about latest facts and other information.
  3. You can also ask them questions in the middle so that they stay alert.
  4. You conclusion should make them take a call for action.

Preparing your presentation requires time and effort. If you are looking for ideas on how to present effectively to your audience, this article could bring some interesting ideas on how to make a winning presentation. Don’t leave it to fate, but instead start saving time and work toward making an effective presentation that delivers the message you want to deliver to your audience. In this line, the structure of the presentation is important, but also a preparation and a prior planning. So, here are some tips to pick-up and create a magnificent presentation for your next project. Go on!