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How To Create A Picture Bullet List in PowerPoint

A good presenter can often be identified by the way heĀ use hisĀ bullet lists. Instead of text heavy slides many presenters look to chip in information in the form of bullet lists, which can be verbally explained in detail. However, bullet lists can suffer from the problem of not having enough information tied to them, making […]

Piggy Bank Animated Financial PowerPoint Template

A piggy bank represents the first savings account that every child has. Different cultures have different names for such coin containers. While most are made of plastic, some in eastern cultures are made from clay. When presenting matters related to finance, banking, marketing or other business and money related presentation topics, a piggy bank can […]

Simple Tips to Make More Effective Presentation

Preparing and demonstrating your presentation is a crucial technique. Not only is the co-ordination important but also the structure and planning of the presentation. You have been watching and creating presentations since your school days and now it has advanced to a more professional level. As much as the focus on the subject matter has […]