Giving a presentation always somehow gets some people all jittery and instills them with fear. Whereas it has the contrary effect on some people, it gets them excited! And as a viewer to both these type of speakers, which presentation is going to appeal to you more?

It’s quite obvious that confident speakers tend to be better presenters and orators as compared to the nervous or jittery lot. But that’s mainly due to practice! Practice is what can make all the difference between becoming a great speaker and thrilling your audience with just your words or becoming a not so good speaker and letting your audience doze off while you keep on talking about something! And as a presenter or a speaker, monotony is one thing that should be avoided at any cost.


say no to monotony

So here are a few innovative presentation tips to help you break free from giving a monotonous presentation:

Tell it Like a Story

Don’t forget that while you might be giving a business presentation or a college presentation but in fact it is still a story. And like any great story what matters is the speaker! What you need to do is to translate your idea for the presentation into a story and make it flow like one too. After you are able to do that then you will notice how many people would start enjoying your presentations!

Pictures Beat Text

When giving a PowerPoint presentation, pictures beat text hands down! That’s because it’s always better to look at something than reading that something. Kinda like most people like to watch movies as compared to reading books. A picture is better than a slide full of bullet points and helps get your point across to your audience much better!


Use Quotes

Quotes are extremely powerful in getting your point across to your audience! It’s best to use famous quotes by significant people preferably from the same field as your presentation. This creates an impact on your audience and provides depth to it.

Speak Slowly

Speaking fast or standing at one place can be taken as a sign of nervousness by your audience. So try to speak slowly and calmly. Plus, if you speak slowly there’s more of a chance that your audience isn’t going to miss out on a single word that you speak!

So the next time you have a presentation, try to incorporate these points and you’ll be amazed with the reaction of your audience.