While there are many web services which make it possible to upload and share PowerPoint presentations online, many services do not allow adding a voice over or video recording. Present.me is a web service that not only enables users to upload their PowerPoint, Google Drive and PDF presentations online but also provides options to record a video to add with the slides. Hence, you can  not only upload simple presentation files but also record and sync a video to present the presentation, as if you were giving the presentation to a real audience.

Using Present.me can help you create anything from corporate videos, online advertisements for your product to tutorials that can be used for e-learning purposes. Using Present.me is as simple as its motto “Your Slides And You”.


Record And Share your Ideas  Present

Sign Up For A Free Account

To start using this service you can sign up for a free account or opt for the paid packages which provide a wider range of options. In case you would like to test drive Present.me, then it might be worth using the free account. However, if you find the service worth using and have presentation requirements which entail longer recording and upload limits, you can upgrade to the Plus ($16 per month) or Team ($85 per month) package. There are also Business and Enterprise packages but they are not currently available.

Present.me Packages

After fulfilling the initial sign up formalities you will be able to start uploading presentations. You can reduce the time required to sign up for this service by logging in with a Facebook or Google profile, after which you will simply have to select a password and won’t require filling out any lengthy sign up forms.


Login using Facebook or Google

Select Presentation Type

You can create many types of presentations ranging from a Slide and Video, Slide and Audio, to a standalone Video presentation. You can also opt for a simple presentation which only contains slides and no audio voice over or video.

Select Presentation Type

Upload A PowerPoint or PDF File or Select One From Google Drive

You can upload presentations from both PPT and PPTX PowerPoint formats, as well as upload PDF files as presentations. Furthermore, you can even connect your Google Drive account and select a presentation from it.


Upload Presentation File

Record Audio And Video For Your Presentations

If you choose to create a presentation with a voice over and/or video, you can begin recording for your presentation by going to the Record tab. From this tab you can select a presentation to add audio and video to. To record your presentations, grant access to the webcam and microphone. Once done, click the red Record button and you’re good to go.

Record presentations with audio and video

Become The Presenter in Your Online Presentations

Using the simple aforementioned steps you can easily create robust tutorials/online presentations and quickly record yourself for presenting each slide, without the need for any kind of recording software installed on your device. After you have created a presentation, click Publish. Once published, you can use the sharing options to share your presentation via the given social media buttons, sharing URL, embed code or by email.

Present your presentations

During testing we found the Present.me service to be quite good in performance without any major lags or hiccups. It is also quite easy to use and there are many How to guides available from within the dashboard that can help you easily create and share presentations online. To begin uploading and sharing your presentations, see the link given below.

Go to Present.me