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6 Effective Ways To Share Large PowerPoint Files Online

With the introduction of Microsoft PowerPoint it has really become easy to present information like text, images, graphs, music and videos, as this tool has made the presentation process really easy. In fact, PowerPoint 2013 even allows you to present live PowerPoint presentations online. However, sometimes it’s really difficult to share those large PowerPoint Files […]

Presefy: Broadcast Your Presentation To Global Audience Via The Cloud

It often happens that people aren’t able to physically attend a presentation. A few ways of overcoming this problem is to share a video presentation using services like PresentationTube, Present.me and SilkSlides. But what if you could share your presentations remotely via the internet? Presefy is a web service which enables presenters to upload and […]

Present.me: Create Online Slides With Video Recording Of The Presenter

While there are many web services which make it possible to upload and share PowerPoint presentations online, many services do not allow adding a voice over or video recording. Present.me is a web service that not only enables users to upload their PowerPoint, Google Drive and PDF presentations online but also provides options to record […]

Share PowerPoint Presentations Online with SlideOnline.com

If you need to share your presentations online then SlideOnline.com can be very useful. SlideOnline.com is a free service where you can upload PowerPoint (.PPT) and PDF presentations to be shared online or embedded into blogs or websites. The first time you access SlideOnline you can create a free account and then start uploading your […]