Opening Speech Tips for Presentations

So finally you have been called to give a presentation. Do you know it’s the best way by which you can present your thoughts and ideas amongst your target audience and for gaining the needed attention from your listeners you must have two things with you: One is a strong opening and the other one is the perfect ending.

Here in this article, we will be talking about opening speech tips for an impressive presentation.  This is because having a right start plays an important role in grabbing your audience’s interest. So, your introductory speech must be in such a way that it sounds as interesting as the first line of a novel.


Giving a powerful opening speech is one of the creative presentation ideas. Therefore, your PowerPoint Presentations must include it for attaining greater attention from your listeners. If you will simply read out your slides before your audience they will not feel like listening to you.

If you want to keep your listeners fully engaged in what you are saying then you have to use some interesting and informative speech ideas before starting the presentation. Let’s discuss these tips and tricks one by one:

1. Show Your Imaginary Skills

Your mind can develop many powerful pictures as compared to those physical objects. So use your imagination to gain your audience’s interest before starting a presentation. Start by giving them a situation to make your opening more exciting.

2. Questionnaire

Asking questions is the best way to attract your listeners. This will result in equal involvement from both sides and will make the entire session appealing.


In some presentations, it worth to leave room for Q&A sessions at the end of the presentation.

3. Confident Posture And Gestures

The way you start your speech plays a vital role in making the show hit. Stand straight with shoulders squared and start speaking with full confidence without looking down on the podium or on the slides alongside.

4. Keep Your Volume High And Clear

Your speech before the presentation must be in such a way that you are audible even to the person sitting in the last row.  Don’t shout but speak loudly and make eye contact with your listeners.

5. Give Pauses

Giving pauses in your speech allows your audience to give a thought to what you have said. These are helpful in effective speech delivery.

6. Include A Famous Quote in Your Speech

Open your speech with some well-known quote or an inspiring statement in order to get greater attention. Remember, not to start it with some joke or sad stories rather give it a powerful opening that includes a powerful message. To show a quote in your PowerPoint presentation, you can use one of the free quote slides for PowerPoint available out there or the free quote PowerPoint template.

7. Follow The Set Order

When it’s about making your presentation interesting then you should always follow a set order and avoid straying on different topics randomly.

No doubt an opening speech plays a very important role in making your presentation successful as it has the power to make or break your audience. So, keep these above-discussed tips in mind and deliver it perfectly by starting it with a bang.