Going for a cloud-based, online presentation or if you desire to create a demonstration that has more appeal and creativity, along with the functionality to serve the requirements of different sectors, then most people select Prezi.

Although it is not as old as PowerPoint, still has gained considerable demand for its certain applications, such as:

  1. Zooming option (zoomable content)
  2. The Visual Map
  3. Runs online (although Prezi Pro allows you to work offline)
  4. The new Prezi viewer for iPads

It has been compared to its initial competitor PowerPoint for some time now. Both have been declared worthy opponents for each other and have been showing steady progress with the launch of their new versions.

Although Prezi is being considered the undisputed leader by many, but there are certain fast approaching competitors, who have started securing positions for themselves too.

Here is an overview of some similar sites to Prezi and their features:


  1. Impressive layout, wide-ranging features and has high-scale interactive applications.
  2. Its slide library lets the user share the presentation with other participants.
  3. The advantage of Flash and High Definition Videos add to its value.
  4. Easy to understand and use features.

Zoho Show

  1. This user-friendly and easy to understand, one does not need to be a proficient presentation maker.
  2. Known for its editing and transition advantage.
  3. There are massive options of shapes, diagrams and flowcharts, one can insert images too.
  4. Save your presentations or share it, access it from anywhere, just need an Internet connection.


  1. Ahead is a very powerful option and it is considered to be the future in this kind of works.
  2. Ahead lets you share and create lots of content, but needs and internet connection to do it.
  3. It offers a bigger variety of formats and letters than Prezi, but many people noticed that it is difficult to use.


  1. Holds prominence for its media-rich presentations.
  2. You can create captivating presentations using images, video and audio clip.
  3. There are added enhancements of charts and tables, to augment the display of the presentation.
  4. Allows importing of images from various search engines.
  5. One can embed these presentations on social networking sites.
  6. Moreover, it is in itself a good exhibitor for it keeps count of the number of visits on your presentation.


  1. Meant majorly for business related presentations, that can be created within a short span.
  2. It has the drag and drop advantage that saves your time.
  3. Allows you to make real-time changes and put in your ideas more creatively.

Presentation Engine

  1. Has a more focused approach.
  2. Meant basically for commercial presentations.
  3. This has the marketable appeal and is highly customer-oriented.

One can easily understand that there is a plethora of services to select from, but the intelligent way is, to select according to your requirement and understandability of the target audience. This article covered popular sites like Prezi to make awesome presentations with zoomable content.